5 Unique Winter Outfit Ideas

By In Fashion — March 06, 2017

When those cold winters come around, it’s hard to be cute while staying warm.  Here are 5 unique winter outfits that will express your style while keeping you warm.

1. Sweater and Skirt

This outfit consists of a vinyls skirt (trendy this winter!), a black/gray sweater, black tights, a choker necklace, and black heeled booties.  This is the perfect outfit for expressing your comfy and cute style while staying warm!


The vinyl skirt has a high waist, making the most of your gorgeous legs! I found this particular skirt at my local Goodwill for about $6. The sweater is long sleeved with muted colors; tucked in to make this style look put-together, I found this sweater at my local Goodwill for around $8.  Notice that the tights are not a solid black. This gives the outfit a more styled and sophisticated look while maintaining warmth!

The leather booties are heeled.  They accent the vinyl skirt to help to  complete the look and elongate the appearance of your legs.  I found these boots on sale at Famous Footwear for $25. The choker necklace pictured here ads a little flair to the ensemble.  The necklace was from my mom’s high school years.

Get your vinyl skirt below!





2. Stripes for Days

This is a great look for those of us who lack curves.  The pieces in this outfit consist of a striped shirt-dress, black leggings, black healed boots, and a blue leather choker.


The tight-fitting striped shirt-dress accentuates curves while leaving a tiny waist to be viewed from the side.  This particular shirt-dress was a hand-me-down.  Clothing exchanges are the way to go!

The tight leather cord necklace adds an accessory while refraining from distracting from the main striped piece.  I purchased leather cord from Walmart’s craft section to make this necklace.  The healed leather boots elongate the legs, the buckles adding depth.  I found these boots, once again, at my local Goodwill for $12. You may be a little squeamish about purchasing footwear from thrift stores, but that fear is unfounded.  Just ensure that you find shoes that look little worn and well maintained.


3. Casual Friday

This outfit is a perfect casual option for any winter occasion.  Just throw on a coat and you’ll be cozy in this simple ensemble. The pieces in this outfit consist of a quarter-length striped olive green shirt, skinny blue jeans, and black street boots.

As stated above, horizontal stripes are a great way to fill out a skinny figure.  The olive green on this shirt is very popular this winter! This shirt was a hand-me-down (again, clothing exchanges are a great option).  I wore a camisole under the shirt to give the top a little more coverage and warmth.  The blue skinny jeans were purchased at Maurices for $25. I love these pants because they fit my tall figure.  The black street boots add to the comfy casual feel of the look.  I found these boots on clearance at Walmart for $10.  They have lasted me 2 1/2 years and still have a lot of life left in them!

Get your own stripes below!


4. Vintage Lace

This look integrates a truly vintage white blouse with high waisted black skinny-jeans and heeled boots


Though this look isn’t for everyone, it is a great way to express high fashion in a warm and practical way.  The mannequin doesn’t do this look justice.  I found the blouse at a Goodwill in Florida for $6.  This is a great example of finding something old and making it new!

Get your own vintage look below!


5. Sexy Jacket Look

This look integrates a tight fitting jacket as the central piece and incorporates skinny jeans and tall heeled boots to complete the ensemble.

The form fitting jacket is sexy and edgy, especially when a low cut shirt is worn underneath.  I found this particular jacket at my local Goodwill for around $10.

The shirt I chose for underneath the jacket is a white tank from Walmart, $4.  The boots are an item I found at a Goodwill 45 minutes away from my home for $6.  The black skinny jeans are from TJ-Max, $25.


There you go!  5 outfit ideas that are inexpensive and fun to wear.  Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot to be fashionable.  Make the most out of your local thrift stores and clearance racks!

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