4 Classy Punk Styles

By In Fashion — March 13, 2017

If you’re like me, you love black and edgy hardware accessories.  However, I also love to look classy.  Here are some classy punk outfits that will be sure to satisfy all of your fashion tastes.

Steampunk Lover

This outfit features a vintage short skirt with tights, black street boots, a lacy top, and a gray cardigan.  For you hardcore punkers, this may not be your everyday outfit, but it is great for a more dressy occasion.



The main feature of this outfit (as far as I’m concerned) is this vintage skirt.  I found this particular piece at my local Goodwill for $6. The skirt has actual pockets and looks great with my favorite pair of tights.

The lacy top and cardigan work together to complete the look by lending a vintage flair for that truly steam punk style. I found both the top and cardigan at my local Goodwill as well. The top cost around $6 while the cardigan was $8.  I cannot remember where I found the accessory, but it goes perfectly with the outfit!


Click on the items below to buy pieces for your own look!




Casual Rocker

This look incorporates blue denim skinny jeans,  a lace patterned tank (I guess I like lace?), a vinyl vest, and accenting jewelry.

I was able to purchase the patterned tank at my local Walmart for around $5.  I’ve had this tank for years and it’s still kickin’!  I found the pleather vest at my local Goodwill for about $7.  If you’re looking for a darker style, replace the tank with a black tank.  If you want a more contrasted style, wear a white tank under the vest and add a chunky necklace

The jewelry I used for this style integrated several differing elements.  The bracelet on the left was purchased on ebay for 99 cents.  Seriously people, they try to charge $12 for this piece elsewhere.  It is a lot more practical to shop wholesale!

The necklaces are pieces that were handed down to me.  Usually, if you do some digging at garage sales or clearance racks, you can find something like them!  The bracelets on the right were purchased on a clearance rack with 3 other bracelets.  You don’t have to pay full price to find great style!

Click on the items below to get pieces for your own look!


Vested Style

This style is great for a layered look! I wasn’t able to capture the full depth of this outfit on the mannequin, but it is still an awesome style.  The pieces used to create this look are blue denim skinny jeans, a gray vest, a lace lined tank (there’s that lace again), black street boots, and a fitted leather jacket.


A fitted leather jacket is a must have for any fashionista, not just us punkers!  This coat is great for layering in the winter.  I can wear the leather to keep warm and the sleeveless look to cool off in an overly heated building.  I found this particular jacket at JC Penney’s for only $40.  I LOVE IT!

The vest is the other piece that brings this outfit together! I found this vest at Goodwill for $4.  The vest fits tightly and gives me the appearance of curves (cause naturally they’re non-existant 🙁 ).  Street boots are once again a great option for this style.  You could also wear heeled boots if you want to be a fancy punker!

Classy Goth

This all-black look is a great way of expressing your inner goth with a bit of class and a tighter appearance.  The items used to create this look include a slit-sleeved flowing shirt, a tight black skinny jean, black street boots, and an intricate necklace and bracelet.

Unique jewelry and chokers are the key to any goth style.  This silver choker to dangle necklace contrasts perfectly with the black top.

The classy silver bracelet also adds contrast to the black outfit, completed with the black street boots!


So there you have it: four great punk inspired outfits.  Whenever you’re trying to add some punk or goth to your street style, make sure to use black pieces, unusual jewelry, and some lace for a classy flare!



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