By In Art, Poetry — November 23, 2014

There you are, I see you smiling

You pretend everything’s okay

You have everyone believing you

every word you say


I want to scream to them, what you are is not what you seem

Cause I see you by yourself and the way that you demean

You have them all tricked, all believing your lies

I can’t take off their blinders or open their eyes

Too often I say something, and no one believes me

They think you’re so perfect, like a character on T.V.


I don’t get it, the way that you treat me

It’s because of your jealousy, yes, you hate me completely

They should all see it, the way that you treat us

And then you turn around say you love Jesus?


I can’t stand the things you do to them, the things that you say

You make us feel ugly, we’d do anything to get away

And still somehow you can keep a straight face

You keep on believing that everything’s okay


So this is what I’m gonna say to you,

I will keep myself quiet for the sake of showing you truth

I won’t tell them what you’ve said to me

I won’t let them know the travesties

I want you to know what you are to me

Special beyond what you can see


I know you don’t love yourself

and I think that’s a shame

I know you hate yourself,

you need someone to blame

So if it makes you feel better

I will let you blame me

Cause I know things you don’t

and see things you can’t see


So yes, crucify and make me cry

What is the worth of a person compared to dry eyes?

Yes, I do wish that you would stop all your hurting

But the worth of yourself is something worth learning


So if it helps you on your journey and in all your hurts

Say anything to me, all your harsh words

I can’t explain how much I want to show you what love truly is

Crucify me like Jesus, so I can learn love like His

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