I am not a Christian!

By In Faith, Lifestyle — December 15, 2014

The meaning behind the word “Christian” has changed dramatically. The true meaning of the word has become corrupted and the connotations behind its utterance are that of rejection and hypocrisy.  Therefore, for me, a Christian, I no longer use the word to describe myself.  Instead, I call myself a “Follower of Christ.”  Defined in the simplest terms, this means that I try to live according to the teachings of Jesus as portrayed through the Bible.  The Bible is my handbook, my instruction manual for life.  I live by love.  However, love is another word which has been corrupted.  Love, in its current definition, is a cry for tolerance and acceptance beyond morals and self sacrifice.  Love, in the Bible’s definition, is an unconditional entity in which one gives his whole self and is not afraid to speak up for morals with the intention of helping others. In other words, I try to be honest with those I love and self-sacrificial in my relationships.

True followers of Christ are rare.  Though 83% of Americans claim to be Christians, almost all of them live contrary to the teachings of Christ.  For those of us who are truly authentic, we try to reestablish what “Christianity” really stands for.  However, ours is an uphill battle.  Many people feel betrayed by Christianity because they correlate it with the ones who call themselves “Christians.”  Therefore, Followers of Christ are too often labeled as hypocrites before they can even establish themselves as separate from the proverbial “fakers of Christianity.”  I hope to see a revival in the true definition of what it is to be “Christian” and I hope that God may use me to help enact that revival.

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