A Girl Like You

By In Art, Poetry — March 25, 2015

“You wouldn’t understand,” they say

Then they just up and walk away

I don’t understand why they think that I won’t

I don’t see why they think they know things I don’t


They say things they don’t think I’ll comprehend

They think my whole life has been a fairly tail pretend

They judge me on who I am today

I kind of like it that way


But, then they are afraid to say what they think

And they misjudge what is really me

Then they call me “miss holy” and “little goody two shoes”

They don’t see they could be the same if only they choose


They are afraid I’ll judge them

when they’re actually judging me

They don’t know who I am

What it took to make me


“A girl like you” they say “wouldn’t understand.”

Really? Try me, because I think that I can

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