How to Talk to People

By In Life How To's, Lifestyle — April 10, 2016

Why was Jesus’ ministry so successful?

Was it because of inspirational speaking?  Was it because He was easy to understand?  Was it because He was accessible?  Or, was it something so much more than that?

If you examine the ministry of Jesus, you will find that Jesus was personal.  He related with those to whom He spoke.  He formed relationships.  He understood the importance of meeting people where they were in life.

In the same way, if you want to make an impact for Christ, you must be willing to learn how to build relationships.

Over the years, I have formed my own method of establishing relationships and relatability.  This method is based on three easy concepts:

  1. The importance of a life
  2. The interest of a story
  3. The value of a soul

The first concept, the importance of life, is based on the premise that every single life is innately and wonderfully unique, and important.  Each and every person was created for a purpose, for a reason.  God has a wonderful plan for everyone.  Therefore, every single person is inconceivably valued by God.

The second concept, the interest of a story, is based on the incredible fact that every single person has a different story.  I think that this is the most prominent reason of why I like meeting new people!  Every person’s story is unique and has a lesson to be learned from its many chapters.

The third and most important concept is that of the value of a soul.  Just as everyone’s physical life is valued, and everyone’s story is unique, the spiritual salvation of a soul is crucial.

You may find the task of meeting new people to be daunting if you forget these three principles.  However, with the knowledge of these three concepts, you may be able to find purpose in everyday conversation.  You must remember that life is valuable.  Every single person has a reason for existing, they are valued by God, so they should be valued by you.  Secondly, you can find motivation in speaking to other people by remembering that everyone has a new and different story to tell.  Who doesn’t enjoy a good story?  Finally, you can find a sense of urgency in the fact that every soul has an eternal resting place.  The souls of those to whom you speak everyday have an eventual destination.  God can use your conversations and relationships with people to change that destination for the better!

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