How Reverse Stereotyping Works

By In Life How To's, Lifestyle — April 10, 2016

It’s that guy!

We all know that guy!  The tall and handsome one.  The funny one.  The one that talks to everyone.  The one that seems to be kind to everyone.  The one who seems to know 10,000 people.  That guy.

We’re all nervous to talk to that guy.  He is just too awesome.  He would probably think we’re weird.  It’s a good thing we stay away from that guy.  He is just too cool to be in our company.

Well, it’s Saturday night, and that guy is staring at his phone.  He’s waiting.  He’s waiting for a text, a call, something.  He hasn’t been invited out in over two months.  He doesn’t understand.  He is nice to everyone.  He talks to everyone.  Everyone seems to like him.  “That guy” is lonely.  “That guy,” actually has no friends.

“That guy” (we’ll call him TG from know on) is suffering from what I call “reverse stereotyping.”  Many people seem to think that stereotyping only happens to racial minorities or certain subcultures.  It actually happens to a lot more people, but in a more subtle way.

There are a lot of people like TG out there.  There are a lot of successful, kind, socially adjusted, and all around awesome people who are victims of reverse stereopyting.  The general mentality is that becuase TG is so outgoing, he must have a hundred friends.  TG must be out every weekend having fun with his innumerable amount of buddies.

Well, if everyone assumes the same thing about TG, guess what happens: TG never gets asked anywhere.  TG is lonely.

So what can you do?  Get over yourself and talk to a TG today!  Many of those people that you are nervous to talk to are actually lonely because everyone is intimidated by their awesomeness.  There is really no point in being awesome if they have no one to share it with.  You could be the person they share it with!

Stop reverse stereotyping!  Save a TG today!

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