Winter Style Mistakes You’re Making

By In Fashion — February 01, 2017

When it comes to dressing for winter we all want to be warm, comfortable, and stylish.  However, our wardrobe choices can take a turn for the worse if we’re not careful.  Winter is a tricky season to dress for.  Here are some tips for your 2017 winter style.

The Too Big Sweater

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We are all fans of big sweaters when the winters get cold.  But your sweater may be too big . . . Though large sweaters and over-sized flannels offer us the warmth, they may take away some of the “heat” from our outfits.  Some girls just go too bit with their sweaters.

As a general rule, don’t go any larger than 3x your normal size.  Otherwise, you look like your knit is trying to eat you.

Rolled up Jeans

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We all love how we can convert our favorite pair of skinny jeans into a summer statement by rolling up the bottoms.  However, as soon as October hits, we should ditch this fashion hack.  Not only does it make our ankles cold, but it causes an oxi-moron when worn with a thick coat or your favorite booties.

As a general rule, ditch your rolled up jeans in October and wear them again as soon as it’s warm enough to wear sandles. 

Slip on Shoes

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We all love our handy Tom’s or slip on, closed-toed, shoes, but these shoes should never be footwear for the winter.  Not only do they provide little warmth for our suffering toes, but they look like we have one foot still stuck in summer.

As a general rule, abandon this footwear along with your rolled-up jeans in October.  Wear them if you must, but these shoes look especially tacky with a large winter coat.

The Too Big Everything

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Over-sized clothing offers warmth and comfort during every season.  However, just like the overly big sweaters, a sagging outfit ads conflict to any style you may be trying to attain.  I’m not saying that your clothing should be skin tight, but you look like you’re being devoured by your outfit if everything is too big.

As a general rule, don’t wear more than one item that is over one size too big.  Especially for smaller ladies; over-sized clothing can make you look like a walking bag.

Crop-Top and Sweater

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I know we all want to look hot, even in the winter months, but crop tops are not the way to go.  Though I am a huge fan of using wardrobe items year-round, the crop top is not an item that can be re-purposed.  If it’s cold enough to need a sweater and boots, it’s too cold for a crop.

As a general rule, don’t show too much skin during the winter months (unless you’re at a fancy party).  Otherwise, you look like you’re cold and appear to be trying too hard.

Skirt With no Tights

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I’m a super fan of short skirts and trendy short dresses during the winter months.  BUT THEY MUST BE COUPLED WITH LEGGINGS OR TIGHTS!  As I said earlier, too much skin not only makes you look cold, but it also can make you look like you’re trying too hard.

As a general rule, couple short skirts and dresses with tights or leggings.  Go with muted colors and DON’T wear patterns.  This allows you’re legs to look sleek and attractive and won’t draw attention away from your trendy dress or skirt.

Leggings as Pants

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Come on ladies.  This trend went out as soon as it came in.  But for some reason, I still see many of you committing this heinous fashion crime.  Leggings were never meant to be pants!  Wearing leggings in this way makes you look lazy and as if you forgot a piece of clothing.

As a general rule, make sure your shirt covers your butt when wearing leggings.  Don’t wear leggings with stripped patterns, as they make your legs look bigger

Casual Leggings

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We all love leggings.  They are a wonderfully versatile and warm item to wear in the winter, but there are limitations to the cozy world of fleece lined warmers.

As a general rule, don’t wear leggings with a T-shirt.  Also, don’t wear leggings with Uggs or clunky shoes; the contrast between the slimming nature of leggings against clunky shoes causes unpleasant viewing.

Floral Patterns

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Ladies, we love flowers!  That’s why we put them on our clothing.  But those floral patterns need to stay far away from our winter wardrobe, especially vintage looking floral patterned skinny jeans.

As a general rule, never make colorful flowered blouses, purses, or trousers a feature of your winter wardrobe.  These items cause an annoying contrast between you and your surroundings.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t stick out, just please don’t do it this way.


Too Tight Boots

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We all hate the frustration of a clothing item being too tight.  The same applies to boots.  Ladies, our luscious calves should not be suffocated by too-tight boots.

As a general rule, if your boots feel too tight or overly snug, they are. Don’t force those boots on.  They draw too much attention away from the rest of your outfit.

Statement Color Purses

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We all love a fun purse.  Purses are often the most functional and fun accessory we have.  However, brightly colored or patterned purses should be left in your closet for the winter.  These purses distract from the rest of your outfit.

As a general rule, wear muted colored purses with your winter wardrobe.  Let the attention be drawn to your lovely layers instead of the bag on your arm.

The Color “Pale Green”

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Many of us love the color “lime green.”  However, at some point, a cousin of lime green, “pale green,” invaded our closets.  Though I am not a personal fan of this color, we can all agree that this shade does not belong on any winter items.

As a general rule, avoid bright or intrusive colors as statement items in your winter wardrobe.  These items distract from the rest of your outfit and take attention away from your complexion.


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