5 Winter Styles with a Denim Skirt

By In Fashion — February 07, 2017


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One simple item can be the theme to a whole winter collaboration.  This simple formfitting denim skirt is the perfect piece for a combination of different styles.  The light, worn looking fabric paired with black leggings makes for a cute and warm winter wardrobe


This first outfit combines two modern winter trends with the simple skirt to provide a simple sophisticated look.


The olive green quarter length shirt adds trendy color to the fur accented vest.

Brown street boots complete the look by adding a matching color element to tie in with the fur.



For a cute, casual look, add a trendy long sleeved shirt to your skirt and legging ensemble.

Add black boots with your trendy shirt to elongate your legs and complete the look!




For another casual look, wear a stripped long-sleeved shirt with the denim skirt.

The stripped shirt will accentuate your curves and black boots will elongate you legs in combination with the leggings.




For a more formal look, combine a flowing cardigan with healed black boots.


The black and white combination of the cardigan and tank top give the outfit a formal look.  The boots pictures are a practical street boot with a lift, giving the ensemble a edgy and sophisticated look.

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