How to Draw a Puppy

By In Art, How to Draw — February 08, 2017

The key to drawing a good picture is lots of practice.  Follow the steps below and you’ll know how to draw a puppy in no time!

First, start with a small nose.

Next, add two dashes around the nose.

Next, draw two lines coming down from the nose, around, and then up.


Next, draw the eyes.  Add the eye shapes first and then draw in the circles.

Next draw the puppy’s eyebrows using little dashes.  Use dashes again to create the dog’s chin. Reinforce the top of the eyes by drawing a connecting line from the bottom of the brow, over the eye, and extending a little past the eye with a small curve down.

Next, add the ears as pictured.



Next, add dashes to create the top of the puppy’s head.  Add dashes coming down from each ear to the mouth to form the puppy’s cheeks.

Next, add dashes under the puppy’s eyes to create depth and texture.  Add small dashes on each side of the mouth to add realism.  Fill in some space beneath the ears to add more depth.  Finally, draw small lily pad like structures in the circles of the eyes.  Your puppy is looking great!

Next, fill in the centers of the eyes as well as the puppy’s nose.



Next, color the puppy using CraZArt’s Brown and Toasted Coffee colors (or a light brown and a medium brown of any colored pencils).  Use the Toasted Coffee (light brown) to color the puppy, everything except the ears and mouth.  Color using small circular motions.  Color over the area several times for the best results.  Almost done!

Next, use the Brown (medium brown) to color the puppy’s ears and nose.  Color using small circular motions.  Then, use the same color and go over the puppy’s forehead line, cheek lines, chin line, eyebrows, and under the eyes.

Your puppy is done!  Congratulations!  Don’t worry if it didn’t come out perfect, it will take a couple of tries to get it right.

Well done!

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