Winter Fashion Trends 2017

By In Fashion — February 27, 2017

The top trends for winter 2017 as announced by the fashion world are surprisingly practical.  We are used to some crazy styles coming off the catwalk, but this year, we can all take a fashion cue from the top designers.  Here are some of the best trends from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar this year!



Popular colors this year are versatile enough to fit any woman, yet unique enough to express individual style.

Bubble Gum Pink – Though I keep pink far from my wardrobe, this is a perfect color for someone who wants to add extra femininity to her winter style.  This color can be worn on a hat, coat, scarf, gloves, sweater, or jeans.  As a general rule, don’t get too “rich” with your pink hue, keep it soft, not bold.

Purple – This royal color is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.  This color looks best when worn near the face as a top, hat, scarf, or coat, but don’t be afraid to go for some cute purple velvet booties!  When wearing purple, make sure to use black or white as a base color.  However, gray can also work as a base.  Almost every shade of purple works in the winter, from a soft lavender to a bold royal hue.

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Red – Yes, yes, yes!  This color is a main feature in my winter wardrobe.  Though a bold red looks good on almost any woman, there are a few who feel overbearing in the color.  If you are one of the later, consider red as a color for a skirt, boots, or classy purse, something away from your face.  This color looks best when featured as a single item and not a whole outfit.  Consider a red coat, purse, hat, or scarf to spice up your winter wardrobe in 2016!

Olive Green – This color is the biggest to hit the runway this winter!  Designers seem to have fallen in love with this understated yet accented shade.  This hue is popular on coats and jackets this year.  However, I also like to wear this color as a top.  Olive green looks best on a coat, long-strapped purse, scarf, hat, or skinny jeans.  Olive green dresses are also classy yet understated street wear.  I encourage you to add at least one olive green item to your wardrobe this year!

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Patterns this year are mostly classic.  No new patterns have been added, just reuse of some old favorites.

Leopard Print – Leopard print is in style again this year.  However, as with any animal print, I caution this, keeping it away from from the “style shy.”  This pattern can be used as a way to add a little sass to your winter wardrobe.   The pattern looks best on a coat, scarf, purse or hat.  Leopard print should be featured over beige or black.  NEVER wear this pattern on pants and never wear more than one leopard patterned item at once.

Prince of Whales Check – This lovely pattern is a classic for the business woman.  Though the style looks best on suits, the pattern can also be worn on a jacket or scarf.  Prince of Whales is usually presented in gray or beige.  For a gray Prince of Whales, a bold red solid purse, shoes, or other accessories look more than classy!  I would restrict this pattern to woman with a straight figure, as it adds perceived mass to most other body types.

Tartan – Yes, yes, yes! This vastly popular pattern works on any body type and any complexion.  Because the pattern can come in so many different colors, it is the perfect statement piece for any winter outfit.  The patter looks best when worn as a coat, scarf, skirt, or dress.  Couple this print with solid colors.  In my opinion, this pattern won’t ever go out, so keep your Tartan in your closet!

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Textures this year are being used in both new and old ways.  There are some pretty fun fabrics to experiment with!

Vinyl – Ahh, one of my favorites. This sexy texture is perfect for the woman who wants to feel sexy in her winter style.  The texture looks best as a trench coat, coat, or vest.  I would caution this texture to small and medium body builds, as the vinyl tends to show body flaws easily.

Satin – This year, satin is taking evening-wear by storm!  This sleek fabric has a provocative nature to it, showing every line and curve of its wearer.  Though you will never find this item in my closet (too sexy for me) it is a daring piece for anyone who wants to make a statement.  The wearers of this fabric need to make sure that they’re prepared for every aspect of their bodies to be seen.

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Fur – This texture has been beloved by women of the winter for decades!  In 2017, you’ll find that colored and patterned fur is all the rage.  However, fur is statement enough without unnatural colors and print.  If you wear fur this winter, make sure to go for a natural color.  Fur looks best when work on a coat, hat, or vest.  When worn as a vest, fur can be coupled with other statement pieces.  The wonderful thing about fur is that it is a great texture for EVERY body type.  I only have one fur item in my closet at this time, but you can be sure I’m on the lookout for new pieces!

Sparkled/Sequined – Yes, yes, yes!  Though sparkles are too busy for my countenence and cannot be found in my closet, I love this style as a statement piece on girls who love their glam!  Sparkles look best on jackets, vests, purses, shoes, and dresses.  In 2017, keep your eye out for sparkly evening wear.  I LOVE this texture!  Please consider buying a piece or two for your closet this year.

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Styles and Cuts


Styles this year go from classy to edgy, providing a great way to get creative for the winter months!

Corsets – Corsets are one of my favorite ways to add a unique twist to an outfit.  Corsets add shape and attention to the mid-section of an outfit, accentuating curves. Corsets look best with flowing, long sleeved blouses as well as with some dresses.  Corsets can also be worn over a tank-top under a cardigan.  This style, however, is not for the faint of heart.  Do some experimenting to find out if corsets work for you!

Puffer Jacket – Okay, I don’t like this one.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve despised these restrictive items.  The modernized version of puffer jackets look great, but for some reason, we’ve gone retro for 2017.  However, this is a great opportunity to re-purpose some old clothes you have!  These coats are also readily available at thrift shops.  If you’re looking for a smart way to stay warm this winter, puffer jackets are the way to go.  Just please stick with muted colors . . .

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Jumpsuits – This clothing item is always a tricky style to wear.  In 2017, jumpsuits in sporty and space styles are very popular.  However, I’m still trying to figure out the formula for who can pull them off and who can’t.  So far, I’ve discovered that these one-piece-wonders look the best on a girl who either lacks curves or who has great curves.  It’s either one end of the spectrum or the other.  I’ve also discovered that generally, these items don’t look good on really tall women.  This is all speculation though, so feel free to find out whether or not jumpsuits work for you!

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Biker Jacket – YES PLEASE!  This is definitely my favorite winter item.  I love my leather jacket.  This item with NEVER go out of style, especially if you invest in real leather.  This item looks great with virtually any outfit and on any body type.  If you don’t already have one, get one!

Military Jacket – Just like olive green, military styled ANYTHING is incredibly popular this year, and I can see why.  This color coupled with a rugged style makes for perfect edgy street wear.  This item looks great with a black, white, or beige base.  Go crazy with olive green and military everything this year!

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Vintage Military Jacket – We are going back to Civil war style with these classy coats.  Popular this year in both men’s and women’s fashion, these coats are a great way to class your winter wardrobe.  These jackets look best with muted colors and solids.  Did I mention petticoats?  No? Well, petticoats are also a cute way to add class to your closet.

Shearling Coat – Like leather jackets, shearling coats are an item that have been popular for decades.  These coats look great on both men and women.  Good news: these coats can be worn with colors and patterns.  If you don’t have a shearling coat, get one.  This is one item that is on my “must have” list this year!

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