How to Draw a Bird: For Beginners

By In Art, How to Draw — March 03, 2017

First, start with a small diamond shape.  Draw the diamond slanted.  You’ve just made the bird’s beak!

Next, draw a circle from the top of the diamond around to the side.  Don’t draw a whole circle.

Next, draw a slanted line coming down from the bottom of the bird’s beak, making the left side of the bird.

Next. draw the tops of the bird’s feet.  Draw the first one connecting to the line that you just drew.  Draw another one to the right of that one.

Next, complete the bird’s feet by making the same shape as the tops, though pointier.

Next, draw a squiggly line connecting the top of the feet and a squiggly line under the feet to form the branch the bird is sitting on.

Next, finish the branch by drawing a squiggly line to the right from the top of the bird’s right foot.  Draw a matching line on the bottom.  Do the same with the bird’s left foot.

Next, draw a line coming down from the right side of the bird’s head, connecting to the branch.

Next, to draw the wings, start on the right and make a line that’s parallel to the birds body, starting at the top.  Do the same on the left side.  Then, to complete the wings, draw the tips by sketching upside down triangles at the bottom of the branch.  Looking good!

Next, to draw the bird’s tale, start between the bird’s feet under the branch.  Draw a long middle tale feather.  Add a feather on either side of he middle feather, making them shorter than the middle one.

Next, draw the rest of the bird’s tale by adding one more feather on either side of the tale, making these shorter than the last.  The tale is complete!

Next, add some texture to the bird by drawing some lines on the bird’s chest.  Don’t add lines all the way across the bird’s chest and don’t make all the lines the same length.  Use smaller lines to go down the right side of the bird’s body.  Now the bird looks fluffy!

Next, add more texture by drawing a line from the branch halfway down each of the bird’s tale feathers.  Add texture to the branch by drawing small, slanted lines on the bottom of the branch.

Next, add a line inside the bird’s beak to create a mouth.  Use a small dot above the line to add the bird’s nostril.  Then, draw a sideways teardrop shape for the eye.

Next, fill in all but a little part of the eye to make the bird look alive.  Time for color!

For color, you’ll need the following pencils from CraZArt’s pencil set: Aruba, Bubbly Blue, Summer Green, Apricot, and Cappuccino.

Next, use the Bubbly Blue pencil to color in the bird’s body.  Don’t color the right side of of the bird or the bird’s wings.  Color in small circular motions.


Next, use the Summer Green pencil to color the bird’s wings, middle tale feather, and outside tail feathers.

Next, use the Aruba pencil to color the right side, the right line, the chest, and the remaining tale feathers.  It looks great!


Next, use the Aruba pencil to outline the bird’s body and blue tale feathers.  When outlining, add extra pressure to the pencil while coloring. Use the Summer Green pencil to outline the bird’s wings and green tale feathers.

Next, use the Apricot pencil to color the bird’s beak and feet.  Use the Cappuccino pencil to color the branch.

Finally, use the Cappuccino pencil to outline the bottom portion of the branch, adding extra pressure.


Wow!  You’re done!  It looks great!  If you didn’t get it right he first time, don’t worry, drawing takes practice!



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