Back to School: Outfits Customized for You

By In Fashion, Shop, Uncategorized — August 07, 2017
Back to School Fashion

Starting the new school year is like starting a new era. At this age, we all change profoundly from year to year. It’s crucial that our clothing style matches our personality and how we want to be perceived. First impressions are also essential to having success in both school and life. Therefore, wardrobe is key.

Here are some great fashion ideas to ensure you hit campus in style this semester, whatever your personal style is!


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Cargo pants are a MUST for any tom boy. Adding a ribbed tank top makes for a hardcore, confident look. The subtly healed Convers help to stare boys down at eye level, making competition walk the other way. Wear this style with rolled up pants, showing some ankle.

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Modern Hippie

Flowy blouses and flowered print are a must for any nature lover. Wear the blouse tucked into the denim skirt for a complete, clean look. The stitched-sided sandals make for a native, earthy feel. The blouse and sandals come in a variety of colors.

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Trend Setter

Floral-print is all the rage among those conscious of the fashion atmosphere. Hats are the go-to for a trendy look that will turn heads in school hallways. Suede booties complete the look with a small heel to accentuate your legs. This temperate outfit says you enjoyed your summer, but are looking forward to Autumn. All three items come in a variety of styles/colors.

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High Fashion

High fashion hits high gear on the sidewalks of campus. A flowy, cool black dress coupled with thigh boots shows you’re both practical and edgy. Cat eye, rose gold sunglasses complete the high-end ensemble.

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Classy Style

Class is back! This 40’s inspired outfit says you’re reserved, yet down for some fun with friends. The gray tie-wasted dress is comfy and provides plenty of coverage. The strapped red bag allows room for your textbooks. Vintage red heels add some sass and sophistication. The dress and shoes are available in a variety of colors.

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Professional Woman

First of all, zip up that dress! This adorable dress provides structure and a modern taste to your professional flair. Blackout tights provide coverage while drawing all the attention to the dress feature-piece. Those black pumps are COMFORTABLE! I own a pair myself. Heels come in a variety of colors.

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There you have it, a cute collection for whoever you feel like portraying. Stay tuned for more school ready outfits coming your way!


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