Music That Keeps Me Going

By In Lifestyle — April 20, 2018
Music Keeps Me Going

I’ve never been one to spin an album and listen to it all the way through. Which is surprising, coming from my music background. Or the head-dive I almost took into the music industry when I was 18. Music has never been my bread and butter. My cake and ice cream. My peanut butter and toe jam.

Over the last year, however, I’ve become addicted to tunes. Music has given me comfort I haven’t found other than in the arms of Christ. I want to share some of my favorite tracks with you.

This is my favorite artist. I listened to his new album “Perception” every day for two months straight when it was released last fall.

Let’s switch gears and sample my favorite worship album of the year.

Here’s a short playlist of some of my favorites.

Watch this music video, it will make you smile. If it doesn’t make you smile, you’re not human. If you’re not human, you won’t enjoy any of these songs. So, just stop reading right here.

Now watch this. The kid is amazing.

I discovered the song below about a month ago. The artist who wrote it almost died from the disease I have.

Finally, a sampling of some of my current favorite artists (I can’t promise all of these playlists are clean, I didn’t make them myself).

Oh Wonder

Lewis Capaldi


That’s all folks. Kudos if you actually listened all the way through. I hope you found a new favorite.

Peace out.

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