What the heck does Daddle mean?

According to our trusty friend “The Urban Dictionary,” daddle means – to relax or chill on something or to dabble in an art form.

That is exactly what this website is for.  I am here to encourage you in your faith, challenge you, and inspire you in the art of life.  All content on this site is created and published by me, Brooklyn Salisbury.  I am a musician, speaker, writer, fashionista, researcher, and student of life with a passion for the God and an itch for the obscure. My goal is to encouraging radical living and loving through speaking, singing, writing and teaching of interpersonal communication.

The lifestyle section on this site contains tips and advice on your walk with God, socialization, and everyday life.  From learning to advance your conversation skills to dealing with death, I’m not afraid to offer support for every aspect of life.

The podcast section on the website has the purpose of offering insightful sermons and life tips. Are you looking to further your relationship with God and learn to love people in a radical way? Listen to my 10 Minute Sermons.

As for me, I live in Colorado.  I love the outdoors and being active.  I also love all things art and find my niche in the written and spoken word.  I love academics and have an uncanny amount of curiosity.

Please join me as we navigate this wonderful thing called life!

If at anytime you have any questions, concerns, want to book me for an event, or just want to chat, click here to contact me.

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