The Man Named “Hand Sanitizer”

I was downtown on a Thursday night and was noticing a nagging hunger in my stomach. In the … Continue Reading

How to Tell if…

Toxic friendships can bring out the worst in people. Navigating life is hard, but if you have unhealthy friendships, it can be even more difficult. Here is a checklist to help you quickly determine whether or not your friendships are healthy (see also 3 Ways … Continue Reading

You Don’t See Me on My Bad Days . . .

Staring out my window, I could see the world covered in a glistening blanket of snow. I was … Continue Reading

Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself to Others

“Don’t compare crosses. Don’t judge other people’s crosses. We all have our own crosses to bear.” The above … Continue Reading

I Am Ready to Talk About Being Sick . . .

I look at myself in the mirror. Desperate eyes. Those are my desperate eyes. My face looks . … Continue Reading

7 Signs He Doesn’t Love You

A good man, a man who really loves and respects you, will not count your opinions or beliefs as inferior to his own. This is perhaps one of the biggest issues I see in modern dating relationships or even marriages.


To be able to honestly answer love, you need to be honest about needing it yourself as well. Because apathy happens. Depression. Discouragement. Emptiness. And, sure, many of us can still exhibit loving attributes even when we’re empty. But, it ends. Always. It will end. We are not endless. We need love.

For All Church Leaders

I stopped writing music for almost a year.

The Mind of a Writer

The Mind of a Writer By Matthias Schricker Writers are a lot like people. The writer’s mind only … Continue Reading

When the World Stops

You fall to the ground in a pathetic heap, thinking that, somehow, this is all a dream. Then the tears come, and all at once you lose control of your body. All at once you forget who’s around, who might be watching.