How to Draw a Bird: For Beginners

First, start with a small diamond shape.  Draw the diamond slanted.  You’ve just made the bird’s beak! Next, … Continue Reading

How to Draw a Fish: For Beginners

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How to Draw a Puppy

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For All Church Leaders

I stopped writing music for almost a year.

The Mind of a Writer

The Mind of a Writer By Matthias Schricker Writers are a lot like people. The writer’s mind only … Continue Reading

When the World Stops

You fall to the ground in a pathetic heap, thinking that, somehow, this is all a dream. Then the tears come, and all at once you lose control of your body. All at once you forget who’s around, who might be watching.


They are like ghosts as they come and go When they leave I do not know One minute … Continue Reading

My Haunting

There’s a girl in the corner with scars on her wrists. I made her that way.  She laughs … Continue Reading

The Truth of Social Networking

There you are on the other side of a screen Here I am trying not to scream I … Continue Reading

A Girl Like You

“You wouldn’t understand,” they say Then they just up and walk away I don’t understand why they think … Continue Reading