How to Draw a Bird: For Beginners

By In Art, How to Draw — March 03, 2017

First, start with a small diamond shape.  Draw the diamond slanted.  You’ve just made the bird’s beak! Next, draw a circle from the top of the diamond around to the side.  Don’t draw a whole circle. Next, draw a slanted line coming down from the bottom of the bird’s beak, making the left…

How to Draw a Fish: For Beginners

By In Art, How to Draw — February 24, 2017

First, draw a curving line, kind of like a camel’s hump. Next, on the left side of that line, draw a line connecting from the end, to the right, around, and slanting down to the left.  You have just made the fish’s mouth! Next, draw another line connecting from the mouth  down to…

How to Draw a Puppy

By In Art, How to Draw — February 08, 2017

The key to drawing a good picture is lots of practice.  Follow the steps below and you’ll know how to draw a puppy in no time! First, start with a small nose. Next, add two dashes around the nose. Next, draw two lines coming down from the nose, around, and then up.  …

The Mind of a Writer

By In Art, Lifestyle — June 13, 2016

The Mind of a Writer By Matthias Schricker Writers are a lot like people. The writer’s mind only has something to say. Beyond that, really, we’re figuring out the best way to say that thing. That’s our world and we live in it. So, yes, we’re basically people. Everyone has something to say….


When the World Stops

By In Art, Poetry — May 30, 2016

You fall to the ground in a pathetic heap, thinking that, somehow, this is all a dream. Then the tears come, and all at once you lose control of your body. All at once you forget who’s around, who might be watching.

2016 Dino Reichmuth


By In Art, Poetry — May 25, 2016

They are like ghosts as they come and go When they leave I do not know One minute they are there, as clear as day The next minute they’re gone, they never stay   One minute we are laughing, the next saying goodbye Many leave for good but few actually die Coming and…

My Haunting

By In Art, Poetry — April 10, 2016

There’s a girl in the corner with scars on her wrists. I made her that way.  She laughs in my face when I speak of love, because I betrayed her.  She is broken, but she likes it; she craves attention.  That girl in the corner will not eat because she thinks she is…

A Girl Like You

By In Art, Poetry — March 25, 2015

“You wouldn’t understand,” they say Then they just up and walk away I don’t understand why they think that I won’t I don’t see why they think they know things I don’t   They say things they don’t think I’ll comprehend They think my whole life has been a fairly tail pretend They…